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2016 newest smart lamp speaker with APP

This is a smart Bluetooth speaker, can be contorled by smartphone APP, bed lamp colour is changable.

Min. Order: 1000 piece

2016 newest camping Smart speaker with APP

This is a speaker with smartphone application, and suitable for campring using.

Min. Order: 1000 piece

Bone Conduction headset

This is a head phone with the newest bone conduction technology.

Min. Order: 1000 piece

2016 New 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

2016 New 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Active Speaker Super Bass Speaker

Min. Order: 1000 piece

Why Choose Us?

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Quality guarantee up to 26 monthes, All products have related quality and safety Certification, Like CE, FCC, ROHS and so on Quality control (QC), have complete QC procedure and standard to control quality for all incoming material...

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Delivery time

Impeccable system and services team.Industry leading semi- automatic equipment to maintain quality and quantity.

One-stop production, we nearly produced every parts of speaker, make sure quality and delivery time.

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More than 20 years OEM and ODM experience,we have a first-class, experienced R & D team, QC staff, as well as all of our resources have been prepared for you

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One-stop service, we in charging with all experienced R&D team, worked with Philips and Samsung for several active demand products.

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build craft

Using industry leading semi- automatic equipment in production, to guarantee the production capacity and maintain quality.

We have lot of qualified supplier to support us during development and production process.

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After an exhausting working day, all you need is taking a warm bath and lying down on your bed with some soft light and relaxing music. Just when you are ready to read a good novel that you have suspended it for a while, what if there’s a phone ring coming to ruin this wonderful moment. You reach your hand out to get the phone, but it is plugged to the wall socket which is far from your reach. All you can do is to jump down from the bed and rush for answering this phone and pondering “who is calling so late, everything is prepared for me to get rest.”

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2016 June 24
The standard dynamic loudspeaker that we know of today was first built in the 1920's and uses a magnetic field to move a coil or magnet which is connected to a diaphragm...
2016 June 24
Sugr Cube brings beauty and convenient wireless audio into your home with an elegant modern minimalist design surrounding a precision engineered audio system ...
2016 June 24
Wireless speakers have exploded in popularity, and nearly every major consumer electronics vendor has a cord-cutting model of some sort. Speakers can vary wildly in size...

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